At The Box Office

Here are the box office hits for the weekend of July 1st-3rd
1.) Premiering this weekend was Transformers: Dark of The Moon
Can we really be surprised that this took the number one spot? This franchise has been hot since it first stepped on the scene. While I have not seen it yet I am very anxious to see how the chemistry in the cast is since Megan Fox has been replaced by Rosie(not that she could act anyway). Critic grade: A

2.)Second this weekend was the sequel to the Disney movie "Cars."
 Nice clean movie that the whole family will enjoy. This movie did really good; with a B+ critic grade and a gross amount of $26,170,000

3.) Falling to third this weekend was "Bad Teacher" starring Cameron Diaz.
Although i haven't seen it I know that with this star studded cast this movie has to be hilarious. It is about a teacher (Cameron Diaz) who is trying to raise money to buy implants so that another wealthy teacher (justin timberlake) will fall in love with her and she can live off of him. Critic grade of and A and a gross amount of $14,500,000