Things Every Woman Should Have

OK! So it used to be a little black dress and a pair of  6 inch heels... But I now have a new list for you.. Of things that every woman should have.

1.) A nautical outfit... This is definitely in for the summer... It's trendy; and you can wear it either business or casual.. And most important this style is fairly cheap... Here are a few of the best of this style I've seen so far.
 ........(pair skinny legs with stripes and boating shoes for something casual with just a little bit of flair.

(Louis Vuitton Antigua Cabas MM)

and as far as the bathing suits.. The best is hands down Polo 013 collection

2.) I think that every girl should have that one bold finger nail polish color... something way out there and bold... and don't worry about it matching with your outfit... the less that it matches actually the better... You can wear a plain outfit and with the right polish you can scream look at me...Some of my favs....

  Opi Retro Collection.. This line has some of the best colors on the market and for anybody that just wears any polish... Opi is one of the best hands down... You can see the difference between this brand and any other.

Opi Shatter Collection... This collection comes in both vibrant and dark colors.. You can add this over any other color regualar nail polish and it creates a shatter effect....

(You can search it on youtube or google for full directions; I won't get into that at this time)

3.) Remember back in the day when just a gold or silver chain or a little locket would do? Not anymore... Now the bigger, the bolder, the better... Costume jewelry is on the come up... It's inexpensive to buy but it makes such a splash.. Save your money for something better...(Like those shoes you've been wanting)

(Antique Silver Tone Murano Glass Charm Bracelet) - $21.95

(armor plate knuckle ring) - I think it's like $20 from urban outfitters

(This is what the ring from above looks like on)

I'll constantly add to this list as I see fit but for now that's my list!

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