Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before The Fame

Since I've been noticing a strong trend recently of stars (especially in the music industry who have gone through complete transformations.) I will begin my series of Before the Fame. First on the list is Lady Gaga. Just a few years ago she was a brunette named Stefani.

She was actually strikingly beautiful. Well obviously she's still beautiful since she hasnt undergone any reconstructive surgery; but what
has drastically changed is her since of "fashion".

Outlandish as it is...majority will rule that will go down in history as a fashion icon and trend setter. Stepping to the beat of her own music here are some of Lady Gaga's most infamous fashion moments.

Most will say that she changed once she became famous and her outlandish and most times "naked" sense of fashion came after being on the top; but her are additional pictures of her before she was famous when she first started performing.

So...The final verdict? In my opinion I don't think that the fame has changed her. I think that it just gave the tools she needed to enhance what was already there. You be the judge. Was she just "Born This Way"?


  1. i think lady gaga is adorable. i love her fashion before and after! lol.

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  2. I think she is just wild and fun… I liked her before pictures better though…. I think we all change and grow into different people and so ultimately it is not fame but time that has changed her.

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  5. Love the pictures. I don't really have an opinon of her. There are others that do far worse.
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  8. I liked her better as Stefani.
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  10. Thanks for stopping by Sweeping Me. I think some are like that from younger and some just do it for more press coverage.


  11. I just love this post. My husband is going to love it more. We got to see her concert in March, and it was pretty amazing. I don't consider myself a Lady Gaga fan, but I had to be impressed. I'm a new follower from Homemaker on a Dime's blog hop. If you have time, drop by mine.

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  14. I don't really pay much attention to Lady GaGa but have seen her a few time.

    Thanks for sharing the time line!


  15. Well, if we are to judge from that last photo of her as a child, then she has always been that way. :-) She enhances the meaning of performance art.
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  16. Thanks for all the comments ladies. I agree with what a lot of you are saying. Sometimes though, I do think, that people allow it to go to their heads and the more their fan base grows the more outrageous they become.

  17. This is a great tribute to Lady Gaga. We are big fans. I think she is very talented and love how outrageous she is.

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