Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Feather Frenzy

One of the hottest things in fashion right now are feathers. Feathers worn in all types of ways; feathers on clothes, shoes, earrings, even feathers in the hair. So today I will show some of the hottest ways to follow the trend and discuss what not to do. First off the feather earrings. Here are some celebrity looks:

All of these are fab examples of the feather look. Except for one....(sorry Jessica Biel) ... When wearing this look it important to realize that it is going to enhance the look that you are wearing. So heads up you might want to make sure that it is a look that you want enhanced. Also look at the difference in Jessica Biel (Second from the left) and Vanessa Hudgens. The feather look is best pulled off with a hairstyle that is worn down but if you do decide to pull it up then the feathers should be bold, full, and vibrant.

Next we will show some of the feather hair extensions that so many are into. Once again there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Right? In my opinion not so much with feather extensions. To me, this look can do no wrong. It's great no matter how you wear it or what feathers you use.

Next we will move on to the feather dresses. There is definitely a wrong way to do this trend! Some people just get a little out of hand and it ends up looking more like a hot mess than a fashionable ensemble. We will start off with the wrong.

(I don't even think that I have to hit on all the points this a big No No!)

And the right way to wear it is:

In my opinion if you are going to wear a feather dress or skirt, then you need to have the top form fitting and solid. Feathers from head to toe is not cute; at all; in any way; I don't care how beautiful you are. Here are some additional dresses that I think are fabulously fashionable.

Now for the most amazing feather design that I have found.... I introduce you to the peacock wedding dress. If you would like to wear one of these for your wedding it would take 8 designers, 8 months, oh and about 1.5 million dollars.


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